In 2010 Kijoma took over a 'WiFi Mesh' Network previously run by Qicomm/ Access Broadband when the provider decided to withdraw their service from this and other areas.

During the last 2 years we have worked to stabilise this Network and maintain the existing customer base. We could not however add more customers to it, as the system was in our view not suitable for expansion in the form it was in.

In 2010 and 2011 we worked hard to gain support for replacing the entire Network with Kijoma technology, which was not easy due to bias towards phone line based solutions from the local Council. This set back progress and falsely gave hope to people for a Fibre solution that ultimately is not viable there.

After many private meetings with the Parish Council, the Broadband Community Group there held a public meeting whereby support from a strong turnout of local residents and businesses was unanimous for the Kijoma proposal.

Kijoma supplied a flier which was distributed locally with the Parish magazine and from this raised sufficient demand to go ahead with removing the old system and fitting the new.

All existing customers were converted over for free and they and all new customers are all receiving 40 Mbps service speeds, regardless of their location.

Unfortunately a Community Group/Council proposal for part funding towards the Kijoma infrastructure and for subsidy to the installation fee has as yet not been confirmed due to a need for compromise by the group with relation to the contract they wish Kijoma to sign.