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Aerials - TV Radio
Aerial Man - TV Radio aerial installation


Contact Kijoma - Please read the notes and fill out the form below - Thank you
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NOTE : The form below is entered into our Database once submitted, so it will definitely be received and added to the queue.

Response to enquiries are prioritised based on various factors and these include :-

1 - Is the enquiry in an existing area we cover as per our coverage map ?
2 - How many enquiries do we have waiting in that area
3 - What spare Network capacity do we have in that area
4 - Complexity of providing a service to the property / area
5 - Level of uncertainty / market distortion in the area as a result of the government BDUK process of which Kijoma are excluded.

Additional to this we need to clarify that Kijoma receive no grants or other funding, this means all investment comes from what our customers pay us and as such we have a duty to prioritise maintaining and upgrading our systems for their benefit ahead of connecting new customers when required.

NOTE : Enquiries for Staffordshire / Derbyshire service would be advised to fill out the form on instead, as this goes to a different database. Thank you

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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